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Kick Your Heels up at Dinner!!!

Bernard is planning a romantic weekend with his chic Parisian mistress whilst his wife is away. He has arranged for a Cordon Bleu cook to prepare gourmet delights and has invited his best friend along to provide the alibi. What could possibly go wrong? Well suppose everyone needs an alibi and everyone’s alibis get confused with everyone else’s? An evening of hilarious confusion ensues as Bernard and Robert improvise at breakneck speed. Hope you don’t have an alibi for not coming to see this wonderful cast do their thing in Don’t Dress for Dinner?? bookings www.trybooking.com/561968

Gary Clarke (Bernard)
Gary Clark (Bernard) recently to enjoy the accolades of being Colonel Fitzwilliam in a one-shot of An Afternoon With Jane Austen/Pride and Prejudice. Since then he has been concerning himself with behind the scenes work lighting up and sounding out the plays for Arts Theatre.
“In truth, I’ve been waiting for this play, which allows me to work with Tom, Margareta, and Mei again as well as our great new members.”
Acting since he joined the Arts Theatre 2007 he has stared in over 16 plays and this is his 5th Tom Richards’ production.
Margareta Moir (Jacqueline) Margareta was last seen on the Arts Theatre Cronulla stage portraying Dorothy in last year’s sold out show, ‘A Bunch of Amateurs’. This is Margareta’s 4th collaboration with director Tom Richards. An accomplished stage & film actress, Margareta has performed in theatres all across Australia, as well as the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood. 
Michael Barlow
Michael Barlow (Robert)In high school Michael loved drama class. At the end of High School, he left his home town in Western Australia and traveled to America to pursue his passion for acting. After finishing his studying, he was fortunate enough to land several roles in stage productions in California. He has recently moved back to Sydney to seek film and television work. This will be his first play for the Arts Theatre. “ I always wanted to Act and this is what I will do even when I’m grey and Old” It’s always a pleasure to get the chance to PERFORM in front of an audience.
Meili Bookluck
Meili Bookluck (Suzette) Meili has been busy this year in both film and theatre. You can catch her latest in Australian independent film, The Blood of God, written/directed/produced by one of our own very talented theatre members. She also directed people’s choice winner play for Short & Sweet’s LGBT week. We welcome her back to Cronulla Arts Theatre from previous sell out shows – Shady Business, Four Flat Whites in Italy and The Female of the Species.
Rachele Edson
Rachele Edson (Suzanne)Rachele is currently training at Redfern Acting Studio while working as a stylist and digital content producer in the fashion industry. ,
She appeared as Miss Forsythe in Arts Theatre Cronulla’s production of Death of a Salesman, as well as several short films, and is excited to continue acting on the stage and screen.
Robert Hill (George)This is Robert’s first play for the Arts Theatre Cronulla. On completion of studying Shakespeare took on the role of Pyramus in Midsummer Night’s Dream– following up with film roles in Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge and The Invisible Man– Television roles include Deadly Women– Top of the Lake– The Commons with continues work as a model and in Educational / Corporate Films.  

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